Celebrating Together and Supporting Those Who Support Us

July 5, 2017

Written by: Robert Purcell

As a charity trustee, you’ll often need to attend evening meetings, as well as training away days. With time in short supply, and many competing priorities, there are often sacrifices to be made and a very special commitment and loyalty is required.

However, it’s not only our trustees and advisors that do great work at YMCA East Herts. We also know that their families – husbands, wives, partners and children – make a sacrifice too. They support our Board by enabling their partners to participate while they manage the ‘home front’ in their absence. So each year we hold a special gathering, usually at one of our trustees’ houses, to say thank you to all those who also support the supporters.

This year on Sunday 2 July, trustees, family members and friends met in St Michael’s Mead to enjoy time together. Richard and Connie Morris repeated their hospitality and were excellent hosts, along with their children Alexandra and James, for a second year in a row.

With 23 attending, the cream teas, sandwiches, cakes and the occasional glass of wine went down well! We also had some special announcements with:

  • Richard Holme stepping down from the Board to start a new career as an airline pilot. Richard will be learning to fly in New Zealand
  • Fiona Onasanya, now MP for Peterborough, speaking about her experiences during the first few weeks of the new Parliament
  • News that this will be our last annual tea together due to the forthcoming amalgamation with One YMCA in Watford. However, while it is both sad to lose our independence and the end of one important era, it also marks the start of a new and exciting one for our staff and residents.

Our mission at YMCA East Herts focuses on the need to help develop a real sense of belonging among the vulnerable young people we work with. However, belonging, contributing and thriving applies just as much to all those who work and volunteer at our charity. Experience has shown that getting to know each other socially is an important element of this, as well as in retaining the excellent trustees we have – along with the on-going support of their families. We have been blessed that in the last ten years we have always had more people wanting to be trustees than we have space for. This has enabled us to have consistent, skilled and objective governance provided by a diverse range of passionate individuals.

Sunday afternoon was a good opportunity to let all our supporters know how much they are valued.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Together and Supporting Those Who Support Us”

  1. Thank you Robert for organising this get together and Richard (and Connie) for being such wonderful hosts. Shirley and I really enjoyed the afternoon and it was wonderful catching up with the others. Sad that this will be our last get together as part of EHYMCA but it does mark the start of an exciting phase for its staff and residents.
    I, for one, wish the expanded One YMCA my best wishes for the future.

  2. Really good that trustees are recognized and rewarded for the good work they do.

    Is that Ann Glass 2nd right ,or do my eyes deceive ?

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