Making An Impact – Facts and Stats 2017

June 28, 2017

Written by: Robert Purcell

Did you know that YMCA is the oldest and largest youth charity in the world, established in England in 1844? Over the years it has evolved into a global movement helping more than 58 million people across 199 different countries.

Here are some more Facts and Stats:

Across England and Wales, we operate as a federation with 116 local YMCAs working to support young people in almost 740 different communities. Building self-worth, self-confidence and independence, we impact upon the lives of more than 630,000 people every year.

The work we do to create supportive, inclusive and energising communities where young people can truly belong, contribute and thrive is undertaken by nearly 7,000 members of staff and more than 5,100 volunteers.

Did you also know that the YMCAs in England and Wales work across the following five key work areas?

Support and Advice

  • We believe every person should have someone they can trust. YMCA provides support and advice to more than 105,000 people every year


We believe every person should have a safe place to stay

  • YMCA offers more than 9,100 beds per night from emergency accommodation through to supported longer term accommodation and youth hostels. We provide a home to more than 18,000 people experiencing homelessness each year.

Family Work

We believe every family should have the support they need to develop and lead fulfilling lives

  • YMCA supports more than 230,000 children, young people and parents every year through our family work.

Health and Wellbeing

We believe everyone should enjoy the benefits of good health and wellbeing

  • YMCA provides more than 270 health and wellbeing facilities, including gyms, swimming pools, community halls and outdoor activity centres engaging 125,000 people each year.

Training and Education

  • We believe every young person should be able to fulfil their potential. YMCA enables almost 68,000 people every year to engage in education and training.




Photo of Sir George Williams, founder of  the YMCA,  the oldest and largest youth charity in the world.


3 thoughts on “Making An Impact – Facts and Stats 2017”

  1. Interesting information.
    The EHYMCA should be proud of being just one of the wheels in a large machine, but it plays a big part in peoples lives and should be proud of the part it plays .

  2. YMCA does an excellent job with some of our most disadvantaged young people.
    The staff work so hard to encourage young people to take responsibility for their lives and also raising their self esteem

  3. As one of those 7,000 members of staff, I love being part of such a great organisation. I have seen, first hand, how the support and advice we give is so valuable in helping our young people develop and grow.

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