YMCA Trustee Becomes Member of Parliament

June 14, 2017

Written by: Robert Purcell

One of our youngest Trustees, Fee Onasanya, won the Peterborough Constituency at last week’s General Election. Many congratulations to Fee for a wonderful and significant achievement.

For those who may not have seen it in the press, Labour gained the Constituency from the Conservatives after a nail-biting recount. The seat was too close to call in the exit polls and a recount of bundled votes delayed the final result.

Fee, who is a solicitor by profession, received 48.1 per cent of the vote compared to ousted Tory candidate Stewart Jackson who received 46.8 per cent. It’s also worth noting that the turnout in Peterborough, which had a large pro-Brexit majority in the EU referendum, was 66.7 per cent in line with higher voting trends throughout the country.

Fee, who grew up in Peterborough and is a former county councillor, tweeted:
“Words can’t describe how thankful I am for all volunteers and supporters. You. Are. Legends!”

MP Support for YMCA

YMCA has been very fortunate to have had the strong support of the previous MP, Stuart Jackson, who has often spoken up for and supported our work with vulnerable young people. As he leaves his post, we thank him for all he has done to support us.

It’s wonderful that his successor also has our work with young people very much at heart. Fee is a committed Christian and I know will support the YMCA in Peterborough whenever possible.

Fee has been a loyal and conscientious Trustee on our Board since 2012. As she takes up her new responsibilities we thank her and wish her every success.

Fee, given time, the door to No 10 beckons – you’ve made a great start on your journey!

One thought on “YMCA Trustee Becomes Member of Parliament”

  1. Wow! What a story and what a success! YMCA in East Herts has its own MP in the Houses of Parliament! I hope that your organisation as well as all the wok YMCA’s do across the county will get a national recognition. It is also refreshing to see a member of the BME community being elected. Well done and good luck. This will be a fantastic, fulfilling and demanding role! I hope that Fee will remain your Trustee.

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